We, PT Alvitama Sentosa is authorized distributor for many kind of mechanical and electrical explosion proof  products. Alvitama Sentosa specialized in explosion proof equipments (Supermec) such as: enclosures, Junction Box explosionproof, Lighting (flourescent, floodlight) explosionproof, cable gland explosionproof. Euromotori: electro motor explosionproof, pumps, dinamo, Auer Signalling equipment explosion proof (telephone, horn, loudspeaker, LED beacons, motor sirens, sounders). PCE industrial plugs and socket: CEE Plug, CEE Socket, Taurus, Schuko, Nautilus IP 68, Switch Interlocked Socket. CTL: Cable Joints, ADVANCE Constant Voltage Transformer (power conditioner), AVR and UPS .                            


Alvitama Sentosa give you only the best products to support your business. Our products explosion proof come from well-known international brands, such us: SUPERMEC, EUROMOTORI, AUER, PCE, CTL, and ADVANCE. With more than 20 years of experience, supported by highly dedicated human resources and well-known international products, we support your business by the best explosion proof products.

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