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What is Explosion Proof?
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are normally used in the chemical and petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and any other industry where hazardous atmospheres (gas and combustible dust) are potentially present.

The EJB Juncton Box explosion proof supermec range has been designed to meet the main requirements of power distribution, monitoring and signalling, and other electrical functions inside the hazardous area of the Plant.

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Fluorescent Light Explosion Proof SUPERMEC

LFE LFEE explosionproof SUPERMEC


Flourescent explosionproof  SUPERMEC range is used for the standard illumination while LFEE range is proposed with two different functions: “normal + emergency” or “only emergency” operation. The LFEE explosionproof SUPERMEC “only emergency operation” can be supplied with diffuser showing different safety indications (EXIT, arrows, warnings, etc.) available, on request, also in local languages. The wiring diagram of LFEE series explosionproof SUPERMEC is designed to provide a continuous power supply to the emergency unit so to grant its full functionality anytime. Besides a LED unit, well visible from outside, indicates the status of emergency unit through green/yellow/red colours to facilitate the maintenance activity. The internal wiring is designed to allow any combination of loop-in loop-out installation. The light fitting can be installed using different mounting types: ceiling, chain, pendant, pole, and bracket.

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Cable Glands Explosionproof SUPERMEC

Cable Glands explosion proof SUPERMEC

The cable glands explosionproof SUPERMEC are normally installed to allow direct entry of unarmoured (CG serie) or armoured (CGA serie) cables into Explosion proof and Ex-e enclosures so to provide any electrical connection with external circuits. The cable glands explosionproof Supermec for non armoured cables are provided with a complete set of internal gaskets to meet any form of requirements. The sealing ring of CGF series is female threaded to allow the connection with a rigid or flexible conduit protecting the cable for specific kind of installations.

The cable glands explosion proof Supermec for armoured cables, due a particular design, are equipped with a sole gasket covering a wide range of cable sizes so to facilitate the choice and the installation.

The cable glands explosionproof Supermec with cylindrical threads are equipped with O-ring so to grant and IP 66/68 protection to the enclosure explosionproof.

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Grounding System Explosionproof Supermec

EARTHING CONTROL SYSTEM allows safe loading and off-loading of mobile tanks (trucks, wagons , trolleys and big bags) in which flammable products are stored . The high speed process could generate electrostatic charges with possible risks of sparks and explosions. To avoid the accumulation of static electricity, the system costantly verifies the grounding connection and allows the louding process only if safety parameters are fully respected.

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